The Ezell House Gallery

Located in beautiful and historic downtown Mobile, Alabama, the Ezell House stands as one of the top traditional southern event venues in the region.  Please explore our stunning setting and see for yourself why so many people have chosen the classic, southern charm of the Ezell House for their events.


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Welcome to The Ezell House

The Foyer

The Double Parlor

This stately room will delight any visitor. Located to the left of the entry hall, the room boasts a magnificent plaster arch embellished with a bas relief of the heads of Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. It is surrounded by long elegant windows covered in the finest of draperies and molded with unique custom carved fixings dating back to the 1600s.

Among the room’s beautiful antiques, you will find two elegant marble fireplaces decorated with ornate oil paintings. Finally, overhead you will find stunning magical chandeliers, said to be imported from England that add a sense of elegance to the room.

During events, the Double Parlor is commonly used for heavy hors d’oeuvres, seated dinners for up to 48 guests and ceremonies for up to 55 guests.

The Front Parlor

Located to the right of the entry hall, the front parlor boasts a magnificent chandelier surrounded by long elegant windows covered in European inspired draperies. Among the room’s beautiful oil paintings, you will find an elegant marble fireplace decorated with a large gold plated mirror. You will find precious antique lamps, tables and artifacts that date back to the 1600s positioned as a delicate reminder of the houses’ unique history.

The Front Parlor is commonly used for the Bride’s cake, fruit and cheese displays, or dessert displays.

The Dining Room

Located to the right of the entry hall, and directly connected to the Front Parlor, the room boasts a beautiful antique central dining table with matching hutch and sideboard. Once again, this room is surrounded by the long draped windows.

This room is also embellished with a marble fire place. Antique oil paintings and furniture also add warmth to the room. The dinner of your dreams can be served in this room with its handsome wall moldings. It is truly a touch above!

The Dining Room is typically used for our Groom’s cakes, cold hors d’ouevres, candy tables and intimate seated dinners for 8 to 10 guests.

The Bar & Lounge

Located to the right of the entry hall, and directly connected to the Dining Room and Kitchen, the room is openly friendly for cocktails and conversation! This room is also embellished with a marble fire place, and is surrounded with long open windows that look out to the courtyard on one side and view the street on the other.

The Bar and Lounge is typically used for alcoholic bars inside the house, non-alcoholic beverage stations, coffee bars, hors d’oeuvres, and guest seating.

The Library

Located directly above the Bar and on the second floor of the home , the Library is surrounded in antique books. Its purpose is to stand as a quiet place to get away for our Event Planners, Brides, Bridal Party and immediate family.

This room has a large changing room and bathroom for our bridal parties and event planners, and looks over the second story balcony onto the courtyard. It also boasts a stone fireplace decorated with gold paneled mirrors


The Courtyard and the patio

Located outside, and behind the house, this space is simply magnificent and the favorite spot for most Ezell House guests. Overlooking the Cathedral and the RSA Tower, guests may relax at one of our many wrought iron tables and have a drink under our Italian lights draped across the courtyard.  On the south side of the courtyard, is the iron art “moongate” which was added to the house after its original construction. An ornate, circular structure, the Moongate is the perfect backdrop for wedding ceremonies, family pictures, etc.  Located in the middle of the courtyard is our brick fountain that enhances the southern and historic feel of the house.  The fountain is the centerpiece of the courtyard and can also serve as the backdrop for our larger wedding ceremonies.   

The Patio was the original driveway for the house and its horses. Today it provides plenty of room for entertainment and dancing. After dinner in the courtyard, our guests are welcome to have live bands and enjoy a dance or two on the original bricks dating back to the 1800’s.  The courtyard patio can also host wedding ceremonies accommodating up to 175 guests.

The Carriage House Bar

The Carriage House was originally constructed to house the horse and buggy of the original owner of the house on the main level, while the attic served as the living quarters of the stable master and his family. In 1995, great attention was turned to the Carriage House when it was renovated into a modern day bed and breakfast. It has all of the amenities including a small kitchen and master bathroom. Today, it is rented to the public on evenings and weekends.


Parking Map For The Ezell House

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