Our History

Take a step back in time and explore the details of our historic wedding and special event venue in Mobile, AL.  One of the original downtown entertaining homes, the Ezell House has been a mainstay of downtown Mobile since 1867.  The Ezell House was a showplace from the start and continues that tradition today.

A Trip Through Time

As the former home of Mobile Mayor, Martin Horst, the Ezell House was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1971.  The impressive Italianate mansion standing at 407 Conti Street features 18-foot ceilings with some of the most elaborate plasterwork in Mobile.  An embellished arch in the stately double parlor still stands and adorns the grandeur of the the room.

After the death of Mayor Horst, the Zoghby family moved into the Ezell House in 1923 and continued the tradition of hosting large celebrations.  Over the years, the Zoghby and Naman families added on to the home and we saw the addition of the gorgeous crystal chandeliers adorning both the first and second floors.  After the invention of the automobile, the Carriage House was no longer needed as stables and became a get-away for Mr. Zoghby and his friends to play poker, smoke cigars and enjoy an occasional libation or two.

In 1978 new owners moved in and the Ezell House was a residential home no longer.  The circular cast iron Moongate was installed in the Courtyard, and jazz music could be heard daily as guests dined, danced and drank at Bernard's Restaurant (the eastern cousin of Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans).  Many of our event guests today still remember dining at Bernard's when they were younger, and even wishing on a penny they tossed into the courtyard fountain.

In the mid 1990's the Ezell family worked to restore the Ezell House after 100 years of use and transformed the home into its current state as a wedding and special event venue.  Mrs. Patricia Watters Ezell and designer, Stanley Ellis, combined their classically elegant taste with the original Italianate architecture and thus, we have come full circle as we are transported back to the 1800's and the original grandeur of the home.

Martin Horst

Martin Horst, a German immigrant and the original owner of the Ezell House, he commissioned the home in 1863. The Horst family lived in the home until 1923.

Kaheel Zoghby

Kaheel Zoghby, a local merchant and patriarch to both the Zoghby and the Naman families, moved into the home in 1923 where he lived with his wife, children and grandchildren until 1959.

Bernards Restaurant

After the Moongate Restaurant closed, Bernard Guste opened Bernard's Restaurant in 1978 and reinvented the downtown Mobile atmosphere with nightly jazz in the courtyard.

Mark Ezell Patricia Ezell

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Patricia Watters Ezell, the current namesake of the home, saved the Ezell House from demolition for the second time in 1993 and have worked tirelessly to restore the home to its former glory.

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