1. Absolutely NO SMOKING is permitted inside the building. This includes caterers, florists, guests, and others. Smoking is permitted in the courtyard area.

2. A representative of the Ezell House will be on the premises at all times during a function. Please report any maintenance problems to the Ezell House representative.

3. Bars may be set up only in designated bar areas. Bartenders are responsible for cleaning and mopping their areas at the end of the function.

4. Red wine may be served only at seated dinners.

5. Please observe all laws regulating the consumption of alcohol.

6. Guests are not permitted on the second floor. Access to the second floor is limited to the dressing area and restrooms for the bride and her attendants. The stairs in the bar area only are to be used to access this area. Absolutely no one is permitted in the law offices.

7. Only licensed caterers may be used.

8. No cooking is allowed in the Ezell House. The oven may be used for warming. The refrigerator may be used in the kitchen. You and your caterer are responsible for cleaning up the kitchen after use.

9. All trash must be collected and placed in containers outside of the building.

10. Florists are responsible for removing their boxes and unused materials. If arranging is done on site, any clean-up necessary from that arranging is the responsibility of the florist.

11. Lessee is responsible for clean-up charges, which are deducted from the security deposit.

12. Lessee is responsible for security. The lessee and guests must obey all city and state laws and regulations with regard to traffic and noise abatement.

13. No parking is allowed in the courtyard. However, you and/or your caterer or florist may bring a vehicle into the courtyard for delivery or clean-up purposes.

14. Children must be supervised at all times. Do not allow children to play on stairs or around the courtyard fountain.

15. Bird seed may be used outside the building only. No one may throw bird seed while standing on the porch. Rice, confetti, serpentine and rose petals may not be used. Fireworks of any kind are not to be used or brought onto the premises.

16. Do not remove any furniture from the building.

17. The Ezell House is not responsible for any items brought into the building which are damaged, lost or stolen.

18. Candles may not be used on the mantles above the fireplaces in the building. Only dripless candles may be used on tables.

19. Lessee is responsible for any damage caused by any guest to the fountain or any damage to the fish in the fountain.

20. No decorations or flowers are to be placed on the moon gate in the courtyard.

21. Musical bands will not be allowed to play past 11:30 PM.