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This Lease is entered into this____day of _____, 2000, between THE EZELL HOUSE CORPORATION, doing business as and hereinafter referred to as THE EZELL HOUSE, and ________________________, hereinafter referred to as the Lessee.

1. THE EZELL HOUSE hereby leases to the Lessee the first floor of 407 Conti Street, Mobile, Alabama, 36602, the courtyard and the first floor of the carriage house for the term commencing at ___o'clock__M on the ___day of _______, 2001 and ending at ___o'clock __M. on the ___day of _____2001.

2. The Lessee shall use the premises for no other purpose or business than that stated below and nothing of an improper or illegal nature shall be permitted therein:


3. The Lessee shall pay rent of $_____ for sail lease. In addition, the Lessee has paid a security deposit upon the execution of this lease, in the amount of $350.00, which shall be a non-refundable deposit to reserve the use of the building on the day designated. Said deposit shall be refunded to the Lessee within ten (10) days after the event, less the cost of clean-up, which is $100.00. The balance of the rent is to be paid a minimum of fifteen (15) days prior to the date set forth above in paragraph 1.

4. On Saturdays and Sundays, the time allowed for rental of the premises is ten (10) hours. Should the time exceed ten (10) hours, the Lessee shall pay to the Lessor the sum of $50.00 per hour for each additional hour thereafter.

5. The Lessee shall take good care of the premises and maintain all of the real and personal property, equipment, furnishings and furniture in good condition and in good repair during the terms of said lease, and at the expiration of the term shall deliver the same in good order or condition. If any property, furniture, fixtures, carpets, pictures, paintings, wall coverings, draperies, glasses, plates, floors, walls or appurtenances thereto shall be broken, scratched, defaced, torn, soiled or damaged in any way, it shall be repaired, replaced or cleaned by and at the expense of the Lessee.

6. The Lessee shall comply with all the rules and regulations of THE EZELL HOUSE. A copy of the rules and regulations is delivered herewith the receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. Additionally, the Lessee shall also comply with all statutes and laws of the federal, state and municipal governments including, but not limited to laws regulating the consumption of alcoholic beverages.

7. The Lessee may not assign this agreement or sublet the premises or any part thereof or make any alterations on the premises.

8. In leasing said premises to the Lessee, THE EZELL HOUSE does not relinquish the right of control thereof. The Lessee agrees that THE EZELL HOUSE through its agents or other representatives shall have the right to monitor the activities on the premises and enforce all proper rules during the term of this lease.

9. THE EZELL HOUSE assumes no responsibility for injury, personal or otherwise, to pay person or property occurring in conjunction with the use of the premises. The Lessee agrees to hold harmless and indemnify THE EZELL HOUSE for any damages, expenses, costs or legal fees incurred as a consequence of the Lessee's conduct or use of the premises.

10. THE EZELL HOUSE will not be responsible for security.

11. THE EZELL HOUSE shall not be liable to the Lessee or any other person or corporation for any damage to their personal property caused by weather, accidents, leakage or water, gas, sewer pipes, or plumbing on said premises.

12. Upon a failure to make payments of rent as herein agreed or upon a violation or nonfulfillment of covenants or this lease, THE EZELL HOUSE at its election may void the lease with notice and keep as damages all rents paid and require payment of damages caused by the violation or breach.

13. The covenants and agreements contained herein shall be binding upon all parties hereto and upon their respective successors, heirs, executors and administrators.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.